Windows 10 Quick Assist

Windows 10 offers a great feature that can allow tech-savvy friends and family to help you out with computer problems. It’s called Quick Assist. You can either help others or ask for help.

A BIG word of warning here. Never authorize anyone you don’t know well to use this feature. Reserve it for relatives, friends, or tech people you know and trust. NEVER let some person who has just called you up out of the blue on the phone access your computer this way.

NEVER just click on some error alert pop-up and let the person on the other end talk you into authorizing this. This feature is for people you know OR if you’ve actually called Windows Tech Support on your own to look for help.

Start by typing Quick Assist into your search box and clicking on the result.

To offer help to another person, click on Assist another person under Give Assistance.

Sign into your Microsoft Account.

The app creates a security code that must be used within 10 minutes. You can send via email or copy to the clipboard and paste in a message.

Click on Provide instructions and you’ll get easy directions to share with the person you’re helping.

If you’re receiving the help, type the code your helper sent you into the Code from assistant box under Receive assistance and click on Share screen.

You have the option of letting the helper take full control of the screen or just view what’s happening.

The helper can now see and interact with your PC.

The helper can interact by chatting or by drawing on the screen as well as over the phone.

It’s a pretty neat feature.

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