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If you still have Flash Player enabled on the Chrome browser, you’ll see this pop-up every time you open the browser.

You definitely should turn off Flash Player, but that also reminded me it might be a good time to show you around Chrome’s Content settings.

Type this into your browser address bar: chrome://settings/content and hit the enter key.

Or click the three-dot menu icon at the top right of the Chrome browser and choose Settings from the drop-down menu.

Then click Privacy and Security.

Scroll down to Site Settings. It’s much quicker to just type: chrome://settings/content.

Now scroll down to Content.

First up: Cookies and site data. Click here to decide if you want to block all cookies, no cookies, or just some cookies. You can customize the settings to block or allow cookies from the sites you choose.

Your next choices are to block or allow JavaScript or Flash. I strongly suggest blocking Flash Player as it is no longer supported by Adobe. Whether you block JavaScript is up to you. But it may cause you issues with some sites loading or web app working properly.

Your next option is images. By default, it is set to Show all.

You can turn it off and block all images.

Or block images from specific sites or allow images from specific sites.

Pop-ups and redirects are blocked by default.

If you find you’re having issues with a particular site working properly, you can choose to allow pop-ups from that site. You can also block pop-ups and redirects from sites of your choosing.

Up next, you’ll see Additional content settings. We’ll check those out tomorrow.

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