Chrome Content Settings: Part 2

Yesterday, we learned about Chrome content settings and how they help protect your browsing experience. Click here to read part 1 of that tip.

Today, we find out what happens when you click on Additional content settings.

Up first, your Sound options. If there’s no sound when you’re online, this could be the culprit.

If there’s an especially noisy site, you can block it from playing sound without your permission. Or you can block sound on all sites except the ones you’re interested in listening to.

Your next option is Chrome’s adblocker. It can protect you from deceptive ads. As with the other features, you can block or permit ads on sites of your choosing.

Click on Zoom levels to check the zoom levels on particular sites. If a site looks too big or too small, it could be because you’ve zoomed in or out.

Next, are the PDF settings. PDF usually open automatically in Chrome instead of downloading when you click.

Click and you can make download the default by moving the slider bar.

Your next choices are to decide whether you want to allow Protected or Insecure content. Protected content is content that comes with digital right identifiers that mark you as a person authorized to use it. If you don’t want the browser to read that kind of information, you can turn it off.

Insecure content is blocked by default on secure sites. As with the other controls, you can block or permit specific sites to use insecure content.

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