Customize File Explorer Navigation Pane

Windows 10 File Explorer is a powerful two for managing and organizing your files. There are lots of options to customize the look to suit your needs.

Today, we’ll look at how to organize the Navigation pane. Open File Explorer by clicking on the file icon on your taskbar. Or type File Explorer in your search box and click on the results.

The Navigation pane is located on the left side of the File Explorer window.

Move up down by clicking and dragging on the scroll bar.

Click the View tab at the top.

Then click Navigation pane.

You’ll see this drop-down menu. If you’d prefer not to have a Navigation pane, just untick the box next to Navigation pane.

Your next option is Expand to open folder. That determines how folders display in the pane. By default, when you open File Explorer, folders will be closed unless you previously left them open.

Click on Expand to open folder or Show all folders to view all of the folders.

Choose Show Libraries and your Windows Libraries will be displayed in the navigation

To see the contents of a folder in the Navigation pane, just click the arrow next to it to expand.

If there are folders within that folder, click the arrow again to go deeper.

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