Make It Bigger Fast

Here’s a quick tip for zooming in a flash on your PC. Press the Ctrl key while moving the scroll wheel on your mouse.

You can zoom in and out in a flash on your browser while reading an email, checking Facebook, or visiting your favorite website.

You can also zoom in on a Word document or an email message in the Windows Mail App.

This doesn’t work in every program. For example, you can’t zoom in on Notepad or Paint. But it does work for many programs.

Give it a try.

2 thoughts on “Make It Bigger Fast

  1. Good morning, I usually use Edge for most of my computer workings. I think I messed up when browsing through the Edge settings. Let me see if I can explain this clearly, I know little or nothing about computers. When I click on a particular site, instead of seeing a picture, I see a little, tine box in the upper left hand corner of an outline of a box where, I guess, the picture is supposed to go. The same thing happens when I use Google, can you please help this old get get the pictures back????? I know you hear this many times but I gotta say…you are doing one fine job and a great service on these daily postings….thank you.

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