This site offers you an array of legal documents that you can create, save, export, and print ranging from cease and desist letters to rental agreements.

When you arrive at the site, you can scroll down the page to learn more about the site, and see what they have to offer by looking at the feature forms.  

Ready to get started? Select the type of form you want to create from the featured forms (or if you don’t see what you’re looking for click the View All link for that category).

The categories are  Personal Legal Forms, Small Business Legal Forms, Real Estate Legal Forms, and Tax Forms.  

When you pick the form you want, you’ll be whisked away to start filling it out. I love that the site walks you through the form by asking you questions.  For example, I checked out the Bill of Sale form. It starts by asking for the State where the sale takes place, then it goes through all the other lines on the form (like name and address, buyer information, price, etc.

It also tallies the average amount of time it takes to fill out the form, so you can have a good estimate of whether you have time to complete it in one sitting.

Once you’re finished you can save, export, or print your form! It’s just that easy!