Scam Alerts From Readers

scam alert letting text on black background

Some readers shared recent attempts at scams aimed at them. These scams arrived via email, phone call, and text message.

“Dear Cyn: Two spam / scam alerts!!

#1 I received a call “allegedly ” from Social Security that my account was being suspended for a “possible hacking” problem. The call was from an unknown number and was a Robo Call. I obligingly press one to speak to a “Representative”. When a live person answered and asked how my day was going, I answered that it would be better if the scammer would cease and desist calling my ‘Do Not Call’ number.

# 2 was an email supposedly advising me my Norton Anti Theft subscription was up for renewal and the invoice for $295.95 was being charged to my bank account. I started to reply then thought better of it. I do not and never had a subscription to Norton Antitheft protection. This one all most snagged me into confirming my email address for them. Unfortunately, I do not have the address to report this to Norton. “

Good catch! Both are classic phishing scams that prey on that fear factor. Nobody wants anything to happen to their Social Security account. And, of course, no one wants to pay $300 they don’t owe.

But thankfully, you were smart enough to use your noggin and not let your adrenaline get the better of you.

At least your scammers seemed to be trying. I had to share this text a friend of mine received from a super-lazy scammer. This crook either used some pre-fabbed scam materials and didn’t bother to customize with the name of his victim. Maybe he got hired by a scam call center and they just made a poor hiring decision.

The fear factor here is that you’ll miss a package. Same old tricks, just a different way to target you.

Whether it’s your text messages, email inbox, or answering machine, always be vigilant.

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