Quickly Record The Screen In Windows

It’s incredibly easy to record what’s happening on your screen in Windows 10, that’s to the Windows Game Bar. It was originally designed for gamers to record and share video, but it’s incredibly easy for anyone to use it to record what’s happening on the screen.

Here’s how it works. Go to the screen you want to record and press the Windows Key + the letter G.

Your screen will go dark and these controls will pop up.

Here’s the one, you’ll want to concentrate on.

Click on the Record icon to start the recording.

The Capture Status bar will pop up on the screen. Just click on the screen and do whatever you need to record.

Click the Stop icon when you’re finished.

You’ll get this notification that the video has been captured.

You’ll find your capture in your Video library in a file called Captures.

Just click to play or share like you would any other file.

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