LibreOffice 7.1 Adds New Features

There’s a new version of LibreOffice in town. Version 7.1 is now available for download. (

This is the very latest version of the free office suite and it hasn’t undergone the rigorous testing that the current versions have, so if you don’t want to worry about the possibility of a few bugs, you may want to stick with 7.0 for now.

Among the new features is the option to customize the user interface to suit your preferences.

There are also improvements in matching printer paper size to the document and the print preview. It’s now easier to add extensions as well.


The Writer word processing program is similar to Microsoft Word. It can open and edit Word documents.

  • It’s easier to see the attributes and styles of paragraphs.
  • You can set a default anchor point for newly added images.
  • Find and Replace now works faster.
  • Writer can now detect Unicode on an imported file.


The Calc spreadsheet program is similar to Excel. It can open and edit Microsoft Office documents.

  • You can now manage pasting with the Enter key.
  • It’s possible to select all items in an autofilter window.
  • Autofilter and Find and Replace are faster.


Impress is a presentation program similar to PowerPoint while Draw is a fairly sophisticated drawing program.

  • You can now add visible signatures to existing PDF files.
  • New, realistic blurred shadows for objects.
  • Physics-based animation capabilities and new effect presets
  • Pause, Resume, and Exit buttons are added.

LibreOffice is a great alternative or addition to Microsoft Office. And since, it’s free to download and use, there’s no harm in giving it a try.

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