Organize Your Yahoo Inbox with Filters

Filters and rules are a great way to organize your Yahoo email inbox. Get started by opening our Yahoo mail inbox and clicking on the Settings gear icon in the upper-right. Then choose More settings from the drop-down menu.


In the far-left pane, click on Filters.


We’ll get started by clicking on Add new filters.


Start by naming the filter.


Then it’s time to set the rules.  Just click the arrow next to From to get started.


Your choices are From, To, Subject, and Body. Choosing Body means if certain words are contained in the body of the text, the message will be filtered. You could move all of your emails from a certain sender into a file. Or everything regarding a particular subject. Or everything that contains a certain phrase in the body of the email.


Click From, and you can filter by senders whose name either contains or does not contain certain words or whose names being or end with certain phrases. If you find that certain phrases or subject lines are showing up in spam messages that are making their way through the spam filter, this is a good way to direct those messages out of your way to a folder.


Then type the words or address you wish to filter by and decide if the letter case much match exactly.


Now, it’s time to select a folder to move those emails to.


Click where it says Select folder to choose a folder from the drop-down menu.


Or type the name of your new folder where it says Folder name.  Don’t forget to hit Save.


The newly created folder will appear in your folder list.


All future emails meeting those rules will be moved into the designated folder. If you want to move existing emails, you’ll have to move them manually.

If you have any questions about creating rules or filters, let me know.

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