Mail Filters Not Working

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A reader is having a problem with the filters on their Yahoo Mail.

“What if the filters are there but the emails don’t automatically go to the folders?”

There are several issues that could cause this problem. At the top of the list is your spam filter. All emails go through the spam filter before going through other filters. So, check your spam folder first for any missing messages.

Another possibility is an empty filter. If you’ve accidentally created one without rules. Check your existing filters to make sure there are actually instructions.

There could be conflicting rules in the filter. For example, if you mix negative and positive rules like ‘begins with’ and ‘does not contain’, you can confuse the filter.

The type of email client you use is a factor as well. If you’re set up on a POP server, the filters aren’t going to work. Filters will not work with third-party mailboxes or disposable email addresses.

Also, there’s always the possibility of a typo. Look over filters carefully for extra spaces or typing errors.

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