Amazon Scam

A reader offered us a heads-up on an Amazon scam: 

“I just wanted to share this with you. I received an email from Amazon Web Services stating that my account was on hold any items ordered would not be shipped along with an attachment that I included with this email, requesting a lot of information. The first thing I did was to go to Amazon and placed an order which of course was excepted so I knew my account was not closed. I also called Amazon and verified that they did not close my account which they verified they, in turn, sent me an email to that effect along with a link to report it to them.”

Good move! This is a classic phishing scheme. Heading over to Amazon on your own (not by clicking the link in the email) is the quickest way to verify if there’s any issue with your account.

You could make an order or just check your account settings. Calling them is a great idea, too.

Always verify any type of notice like this. I know I say it a lot but every single week, I hear from someone who did not think before they clicked.

I’m always glad to hear that my readers took a few extra seconds to think about it and didn’t get fooled.

One thought on “Amazon Scam

  1. This was a great tip and on the “books of advice” for a long time. Never use the link in the email itself. It is good to be “united” in the fight against scams. I recently received one from paypal. I have their email for to use to send the suspect email. I got that email a long time back after direct communication with them when experiencing an incident. Thank you to the reader who shared.

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