Sleeping Edge Tabs

Having multiple open tabs in Edge is convenient, but it can take up a log of memory and resources.

With the latest update to Microsoft Edge browser, there a new Sleeping Tabs feature that helps boost your performance.

When you have multiple tabs open, Edge will automatically put inactive tabs to sleep and use your computer’s resources for new tab or tabs that are in use. When tabs are sleeping, they’ll be grayed out. Click on the tab again to wake it back up.

Here’s how to turn the feature on. Click on the three-dot menu icon and choose Settings.

Then choose System.

Under Save resources, slide the switch for Sleeping tabs to the on position.

You can also select how long a tab is inactive before it goes to sleep. Choose between 5 minutes and 12 hours.

If there are sites you don’t ever want to go to sleep, you can add them. Click the Add button.

Then enter the name of the site.

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