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A reader has a very annoying browser issue:

“I┬áhave a problem with Chrome. Every day when I boot up my computer and open maybe Word or sometimes even just my Gmail account, I don’t just get one page but a bunch of pages that just keep on coming open until I do a control, alt, del and bring up the Task Mgr. I can then find the culprit and stop the process. Once stopped, it will not do it again until the next day. This is driving me crazy. I am pretty knowledgeable about computers and their programs but have never ran into this before. Do you have any suggestions?”

Sounds to be like your browser has been hijacked by a malicious program or extension. Fortunately, Chrome has a feature that can help find and remove these programs.

Start by opening Chrome, clicking on the three-dot menu icon, and choosing Settings.

Once Settings opens, scroll down to the bottom and choose Advanced.

Click on Reset and clean up.

Click on Clean up computer.

When Find harmful software opens, click on Find.

Chrome will start checking for harmful software.

If you find software you don’t recognize, follow the instructions to remove it.

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