How To Cook That

The title of this extremely fun YouTube channel is a little misleading. Australian host Ann Reardon does offer recipes, nifty tricks for decorating cakes, and a fun series where she rescues cake wrecks. But that’s not the best part of this site.

You’ve all seen those videos on Facebook or YouTube that claim to have easy hacks for making fabulous dishes like rainbow popcorn from skittles or flan in the microwave inside a milk carton. Reardon tries these alleged hacks out in real life.

Most of them don’t work but every once in a while, something turns out to be legitimate. Reardon also explains why these sites put out clearly fake videos. She also tests out home products like air fryers to see if they really make a difference.

Reardon is funny and personable and she also has some delicious-looking cake recipes. There are dozens of videos to watch, so you won’t get bored anytime soon. Check her out at the link.

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