This site lets you compare what it would be like to if you were born in a different country than your birthplace.

When you arrive at the site it will try to auto-locate what country you are in. If it gets it wrong, click the select another country link in the blue banner.

If you have been correctly located by the site, all you have to do is click on one of the countries in the Country listing beneath that blue banner to do a comparison. For example, it knows I’m in the United States, so I can click on France in the country listing to do a comparison. You can also get to this by Country Comparison on the black navigation strip at the top of the page.

If you scroll past the country listing, you can check out the County of the Week section beneath it. There you can learn about whatever country is being highlighted and click the red Compare button beneath to compare your location to the featured location.

Once you’re on the comparison, you’ll find a listing of things that will be different between both companies. If you click on them, they will load more information about the statistic. The statistics are color-coded red and green for negatives and positives. Scrolling past those statistics you’ll find the More About whatever country you’re viewing section. Beneath that, you’ll find Reading About the country you’re currently on. In that area, you’ll find a listing of books you can read about the country.

This is an interesting way to think about how your life could have been vastly different if you had been born somewhere else.