Edge Appearance

A reader is not happy with the look of Microsoft Edge:

“When I click the Edge browser icon, my screen displays with info I don’t care to see and I didn’t find any interesting option available in ‘personalize.’  I assume it isn’t possible to have a blank browser screen, correct?”

I assume you’re getting a homepage that looks like this when you open Edge. This page contains a newsfeed.

If you click on the Personalize icon, you’ll see several options.

All of the options are to personalize the content of the news feed, though. Not to have a blank or less busy start page.

For a cleaner start page, click the gear icon at the top right. Your busy start page is set to Informational. Click on Focused.

You’ll get the nice, clean start page you want.

Choose Inspirational and you get a pretty clean page with a pretty picture.

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