Top tips for Amazon Streaming fans for Amazon Video, Firestick, and Fire TV

Having an Amazon Prime subscription is not only about shopping. With your subscription, you get to enjoy streaming services through Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick. With Amazon streaming, you can access movies and TV shows that are not available on any other streaming platform and enjoy old classics, and content in any genre.

The Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV are amazing streaming players. Here is how to enhance your streaming experience on Amazon Video, Firestick, and Fire TV.

Turn off auto-play

If you dislike how videos play automatically when you go to your home screen when streaming on amazon, you can turn off auto-play from your settings.

From the Settings tab, navigate to preferences and then to featured content. From the options available, click on the option for turning off video autoplay.  

Switch from remote control to App control

The Fire TV application for iOS, Android, and Fire tablets lets you control your Fire TV from a handheld device. This is perfect if you keep misplacing your remote or want to enjoy more control over your streaming experience.

The best part is that with this application, you can log into your Fire TV account by typing your login details using your phone’s keyboard instead of using the onscreen keyboard.

Access Amazon streaming service from anywhere

Depending on the country you reside in, it may not be possible to get an Amazon subscription. This should now stop you from accessing your favorite Amazon exclusive shows. The best way to access the Amazon streaming service from anywhere is to get a VPN for Fire Stick. With a VPN, you can enjoy streaming without having to worry about geo-restrictions.

Connect your Bluetooth headphones

With the Bluetooth capability on Fire TV, you can watch your favorite shows privately. With Bluetooth headphones, you can connect to your TV and listen to audio privately.

To connect your headphones to Fire TV, go to the controller and Bluetooth devices option from settings and click on other Bluetooth devices. The Fire TV will automatically pair with the headphones to offer an exclusive viewing experience.

Parental control

With Amazon Fire TV, it is possible to control the content your kids have access to through the parental control setting on the preferences tab on the settings page. From here, you can set pin code access to limit the TV shows and movies available on prime video by rating.

Clear your home screen

If you prefer not to have clutter on your home screen, you can remove all features apps from the ‘recently used’ tab. Navigate to the featured app you want to get rid of and select the ‘remove from recent’ option just next to the ‘more info’ tab. This will remove the app from the home screen until the next time you use it.

With these tips, your Amazon streaming experience will never be the same again.

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