Diamond Nights

I wanted to bring you Beth Moon’s gallery on Ancient Trees, but it was one of those links that inevitably got away. I lost it and then forgot about it. I’m so happy though that Bored Panda decided to feature another gallery of her stunning photographs.

Bored Panda curated a second gallery of her work Diamond Nights that features some of the world’s oldest trees under starlit skies. They are breathtaking! They are amazing! And I can’t wait for you to see them.

When you arrive at the site you’ll get a introduction to the gallery including background information on Moon’s 14 year project of photographing these trees.

Then you just scroll down through the amazing images. It’s amazing how the sky can look without all the light pollution from the city. I’m always taken aback by how full of stars the sky really is.

My favorite image from this gallery is the seventh down from the top. I just think it’s spectacular with the rock out cropping and the sand that looks like the sea.

If you’d like to check out more of the photographer’s work, check out her portfolio here.



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