Remarkable 2

If you prefer taking notes and writing by hand but would like the convenience of storing all of those notes in a digital format, you’ll want to check out the Remarkable 2 tablet.

The screen looks and feels uncannily like a paper tablet. The Remarkable 2 can convert either cursive or printed handwriting into editable text. The text is automatically synced to the cloud which will sync with a remarkable app on your PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device.

You can turn off that feature if you prefer not to use it. Additionally, you can email your files to yourself and others.

You can also use the device to make notes on PDFs.

The10.3″ device features 8 GB of internal storage and the makers say it has up to two weeks of battery life. Unlike regular tablets, Remarkable 2 gives you a distraction-free environment. You can’t use it to check Facebook or play games. It’s strictly for reading, writing, and visualizing.

Remarkable is much easier on the eyes. There’s no backlight and you can actually use it in direct sunlight. The tablet costs $399 plus an additional $49 for the marker you’ll need to write on it.

You can learn more and watch a video about how it works at this link:

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