Welcome to Rejected Princesses! This site features historical women who are either too awesome or too awful to be kid’s movie princesses. Right up front, I’ll be honest, this is a site you should share with children at your own discretion. Some of the write ups of Rejected Princesses contain strong language and graphic violence. It’s not intended for children, but once you learn about some of these amazing women, you could talk about them with your kids!

I discovered this site on Facebook feed. The feature on Lyudmila Pavlichenko as the world’s deadliest female  sniper caught my attention. And once I read her story, I found myself reading all the stories on the site.

Rejected Princesses stories are shared through comic book style storytelling or text storytelling (depending on when it was added to the site). After the history of the woman being featured, you’ll find a section called Art Notes. There you’ll find notes on the artwork and the artistic choices the creator made, and you’ll find citations for the information relayed in the story.

Modern Worthies are snippets about fascinating women who’ve lived in the last 50 years.  Check out Mary Shanley – also known as Deadshot Mary – a police detective from the 1930s. You’ll often find links to more information about these fascinating women.

This is a really cool site to learn more about awesome and awful women who’ve left a mark on history.