Firefox Bookmarks Won’t Stay Sorted

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A reader has a question about our tip on viewing Firefox Bookmarks in alphabetical order. (You can click here to read that tip.)

“I was very excited to find this information. I can’t figure out though how to lock the alphabetical order. I also lose the sub-folders into the alphabetical list.”

Sorting from the menu is for current viewing purposes only. When you reopen bookmarks, they will revert back to being sorted by most recent. Here’s how to make the change stick.

Open Firefox and Press Ctrl + Shift + O. (letter o, not the numeral 0.) The Library window will open.

Find the bookmarks folder you wish to sort and right-click. Choose Sort By Name from the drop-down menu.

This will permanently sort your bookmarks as well as your folders. Use the Ctrl + Shift + O to access your Library and to see all of your folders.

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