GIMP – Pro quality photo editing for free

If you’d like to get a top-flight photo editing program, comparable to Photoshop, for free, GIMP is the program for you.


What can GIMP do? The better question might be, what can’t it do? It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers and does just about anything Photoshop can do. But there’s no subscription fee. There’s no fee at all.

You can crop, resize, rotate, adjust colors, create layers. It’s pretty much endless depending on what types of plug-ins you choose to install in the highly-customizable program.


I can’t tell you that GIMP is a super-simple program. Like Photoshop, there’s a learning curve. Though if you have digital photo editing experience, you should be able to master it fairly quickly. There are lots and lots of tutorials available. So, if you aren’t experienced with digital photo editing, this is a good way to learn it by starting with the basic tutorials.

The impressive Documentation page has manuals in several languages:

The impressive Tutorials page starts with the very basic and  moves on to more challenging projects:

To download, follow this link:

Then select the version for your operating system.

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