Big Break – A Not So New Novel

My absolute favorite out of all the books I’ve ever written is also my worst seller. I’ve had quite a few people who read it and enjoyed it tell me they almost didn’t pick it up because of the title. And a few more that said they didn’t read it because of the title. I decided it was time for a new name and a new cover. Let’s look at the new cover first.

Like it? If you do, I’m proud to say it was designed by me. If you don’t, well I blame my cut-rate cover artist. The title, Big Break, refers to several things that happen in the book, including a broken leg, a second chance at a showbiz career, an ugly breakup and a break in a murder case. Here’s what it’s about:

Is she kissing a killer? The police chief’s perfect new man is also her perfect murder suspect.

Everything has always gone right for small-town police chief Andie Taylor. Until she’s forced to shoot her snake of an ex-boyfriend. Now she’s broke and stuck living in her aunt’s spare room.

When Andie accidentally runs over handsome stranger Dash Fletcher during a police chase, her aunt moves the injured guy into the family home to recover. When the sparks start to fly, it looks like Andie’s found the man of her dreams… but not for long.

The wealthiest woman in town is murdered and Dash is at the top of her suspect list. Her heart says he’s innocent, the evidence tells a different story. Andie uncovers a web of lies and murder that shake the very foundations of her town.

Will the fight to uncover the truth cost Andie her job, her heart, and her life?

There’s a chance you may have already read this book. The original title was Killer Clowns From Out of State. I thought it was an incredibly clever one, a take on an 1980s movie called Killer Clowns From Out of Space. Turns out a lot of people don’t like thinking about clowns, especially killer clowns.

So, I went with this new title and new cover in hopes of getting everyone else to love this book as much as I do.

If you haven’t already purchased it under the old title, click here to check it out on Amazon.

One thought on “Big Break – A Not So New Novel

  1. I read the book a while back. I liked it enough to buy couple of your other books. I admit I like the new cover better, even though I like clowns.

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