I love the concept of this site! They’re collecting souvenir photos from people’s trips to the  Palace of Versailles.

The collection now spans from the early 1900’s to the present day.

When you arrive at the site click English to enter. The navigation of the site is setup as a timeline that allows you to easily navigate through the images.

You can use your mouse to drag the screen to the left and right to browse the images, or you can click on the dates at the bottom of the page.

See a photo you like? Want to learn more about it? Click on the  + at the top right corner of the image and it will expand out. The image will become larger and be centered. There will be an information bar on the right side of the page that explains the photo.

Want to go back to the timeline? Click the Back to Timeline button in the lower left corner.

This site is a really neat look into the past! Go check it out for yourself today!