Welcome to Philosophy Bites. This site brings you interviews with philosophers on philosophical topics as a podcast.  I found this site while helping my sister with her philosophy homework, and after sharing it with her as a study aid, I thought you all might enjoy it too!

It’s setup blog style, so you can scroll down the page to browse through past entries.  When you’re halfway down the page on the right side you’ll also find a Categories menu that lets you pick the topic you want to learn more about.

Another great way to browse is to check out the 365 Bites Podcast Interviews Arranged by Theme post. There you can navigate the interviews by a variety of different themes. For example: What is Philosophy?, Great Thinkers, Personal Responsibility, and more.

On that left-side menu, you’ll also find a Search box. There you can search by keyword. After that, you’ll find a listing of the of the most recent posts to the page.

This is a cool way to learn more about philosophical topics.

Check it out for yourself today!