How Many People Really Use Windows?

serious classmates doing homework on laptop together

You read a lot of articles about the death of Windows and the rise of operating systems like Chrome OS. But when it comes to desktop and laptop computers, Windows is still king.

Researchers say that 87% of desktop and laptops using the Internet are running Windows. What about Apple’s sleek and beloved Macs? Mac OS is in the number 2 position with 9.25% of devices accessing the Internet.

Linux is beloved among techies but not so much by the general public. The free operating system is in third place running on just over 2% of computers.

While Chrome OS is wildly popular in classrooms, overall it only accounts for just over half of one percent of devices accessing the Internet at .59%

A full 57.8% of devices use Windows 10. Despite the end of Windows 7 support, 25% of devices still use that OS.

However when it comes to mobile, Google is the boss. Android is found on 80% of mobile devices accessing the Internet. Apple’s iOS is second, found on 18.9% of devices. No other mobile browser even cracks 1%.

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