Cruel Phishing Scam

I received an email today from a contact looking for help.

The message asked how I was and for a little favor. The sender wanted to know if I had an Amazon account. They even signed it with a casually friendly “K.”

That was pretty odd since the person who sent it passed away two years ago. This is a tricky case of phishing. If I checked the email information to determine where it actually came from, it would say this person’s address. It looks as if scammers hijacked her email account after she passed.

Had I responded, I guarantee you this “friend” would have needed me to purchase a gift card and read them the number or perhaps give them my Amazon information.

I wanted to point out this phishing scam so you don’t fall for it, but I also wanted to remind everyone of the importance of making arrangements for someone to deactivate or memorialize your online accounts after you’re gone.

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