With all of the talk about the live-action revival of the animated Powerpuff Girls series, I wondered if a site I had a lot of fun with a few years ago was still active. Guess what?  It is? Powerpuff yourself allows you to create a Powerpuff girls avatar that looks like you.

You’ll start your transformation into a Powerpuff style avatar by clicking the pink Power Me Up button.

When the page loads, you’ll be on a blank avatar with customization buttons at the bottom of the page. You can customize the skin tone, eyes, mouth, glasses, hair, facial hair, full outfits, bottoms, tops, and accessories.

You can reset your avatar with the Clear All button and start customizing from scratch.

Once you’ve created an avatar and like it you’ll want to click the blue Done button. While your avatar is created, you can take a little quiz to determine your superpower. Then you can choose between a static and animated background.

Once your power is selected, you can choose to retake the quiz or download your Avatar. You can also share them over social media with the Facebook or Twitter buttons.

 Go forth and Powerpuff yourself!