I used to be an audiobook skeptic but I’ve warmed up to this medium. It’s great for listening while commuting or walking and a great alternative for those with vision issues and cognitive differences that make reading difficult. 

If you’re looking for a good audiobook, check Booklist Reader’s selection for the 2020 Audie Awards.

Navigation is simple. You scroll down the page and you’ll see that the winners are divided into categories. I love that in ¬†addition to genre categories they also include categories for narration, because let’s face it the person who narrates the book is a large part of what makes the audiobook successful.

As you scroll down and look at the list, you’ll find the nominees for each category with the winners denoted with red text. Titles listed in blue are linked to their review on Booklist Online.

This is a great way to discover audiobooks or books you want to read period. Go check it out for yourself today. https://www.booklistreader.com/2020/03/03/books-and-authors/2020-audie-award-winners/