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New statistics show that 81% of Americans own a smartphone. That means over 200 million folks are walking around with a very expensive tiny computer. Most of them take it everywhere. My phone is basically an extension of my hand. I use it to run my business, take photos, write and occasionally make a phone call.

If you get your phone in a store, I wouldn’t walk out of there without a case. If it’s delivered to your home, make sure a phone case is in that order, too.

My personal favorite among phone cases is the Otter Symmetry Series. This model kept my Galaxy S8 safe for eight years despite almost daily tumbles to the floor courtesy of my butter fingers and a cat who really wanted my headphones.

I’m not getting paid to say this. I don’t get any money if you buy an OtterBox. I’m just that fond of a what I consider a high-product.

The cases are super-slim and slide right over your phone. There are rubberized covers over the buttons that still allow for easy access. There’s also a slightly raised area around the camera lens designed to protect it.

OtterBox makes cases for all major brands and models of phones. You can choose clear or pick from a wide range of colors. One thing I love about their cases was that I could take a basic black phone and turn it into a rose gold or baby blue model.

You can purchase these cases directly from OtterBox or find them online at sites like Amazon, and in stores. The price ranges is normally between $35 and $50. That’s not cheap, but when you consider the value of what it’s protecting, it’s a pretty good deal.

Make sure you select the exact manufacturer and model for your phone. There’s no leeway when it comes to a phone case fitting. It has to be the exact model for your device.

Check out all the options at this link:

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  1. I am trying to find one that has the screen protector built into the case for the Samsung A51, but none of the sites you both have posted show them.

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