How to Organize Your Kitchen

kitchen counter with utensils under hanging cupboard

Does your kitchen feel too small?  You could move or spend big bucks to renovate but maybe all you need is a good tidying up. This helpful CoolSite reveals tips and tricks for keeping your kitchen tidy.

The number one secret: don’t let space go to waste.

Another key to keeping your kitchen neat and organized is an efficient use of space.  That means not letting space go to waste but also being honest about how much stuff you really need. The site helps you determine when it’s time to let go and then offers a roadmap to organizing the essentials you choose to keep.

The tip about dividing your kitchen into zones is pretty much gold in my eyes. I’m an avid cook and I’d never really looked at it that way. The author walks you step-by-step through the process and the handy interactive table of content makes it super-easy to navigate the tips.

Check it out here:

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