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Worried you might be spending too much time looking at your phone screen? Android offers great Digital Wellbeing tools to monitor and control your screen time. Let’s look at how you can quickly check how much time you’re actually spending looking at apps. I’ll demonstrate how to do it on my Galaxy S21. Your Android phone might look a little bit different but the steps should be basically the same.

Start by opening Settings. On my phone I swipe down from the top and then tap the Settings gear.

Scroll down and tap on Digital Wellbeing and parental controls.

You’ll immediately see how much screen time you’ve used today and what apps you spent the most time on.

Tap on the individual app for more details. You can monitor which times and days you use each app the most.

If you wish to control your screen time, you can set goals for each app.

Just enter your target time.

You can also set timers to automatically shut off apps when you’ve hit the limit.

Just pick an app and set the limits.

It’s a great way to take control of your phone time.

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  1. I have an S8 running Android v. 9, up to date, and I don’t have digital wellbeing in settings. Search turns up nothing either.

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