A friend of mine from high school shared this site with me, and once I saw it I knew I’d be sharing it with you if only for the Cymatics section.

The site belongs to Nigel Stanford, a well known composer from New Zealand, who has created an incredible site featuring his musical ventures.

But I’m bringing you here specifically for Cymatics. The rest of the site is very nifty and you should explore it if you decide you want to, but Cymatics is the cherry on top of a delicious visual and musical sundae that you have got to watch!

According to the site Cymatics is the science of visualizing audio frequencies, and Stanford’s experiment does just that – helps you visual audio frequencies.

When you arrive at the site click Cymatics, this will take you to the page where you’ll find the Cymatics video, behind the scenes information and videos, image gallery, and high resolution video.

Cymatics is a video where Standford uses sound to create effects with water, earth, air, fire, and lightning. It is amazing! I watched it like six times the day it was shared with me, shared it with all my friends and family, and now I’m going to pass it along to you.

I hope after you’re done checking it out for yourself you’ll be so blown away that you’ll share it with all your friends and family too.