PowerToys Shortcut Guide

Keyboard shortcuts are handy, but they can be hard to remember. There’s a nifty Windows utility that will create an overlay to show which shortcuts are available using the Windows Key.

To use Shortcut Guide, you first have to download an install Windows PowerToys. (Click here to learn how to do that.)

Once PowerToys is installed, you can open the guide by pressing and holding the Windows Key .

This screen will pop up with a list of all Windows Key shortcuts.

To use a shortcut, just press the Windows Key + the key listed.

If you have PowerToys installed and this screen doesn’t pop up when you press the Windows Key. Open your Start Menu and find click on PowerToys.

Then choose Shortcut Guide.

Make sure Shortcut Guide is turned on.

You can also adjust the opacity of the overlay and choose a dark or light mode.

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