Google Speeds Up Chrome

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Have you noticed your Chrome browser is moving a whole lot faster? According to Google, Windows users who have updated to the latest version of Chrome should notice speeds up to 22% faster.

Google says it’s thanks to an advanced memory allocator called PartitionAlloc. In the most recent update, Google upgraded Chrome on Android and 64-bit Windows to use PartitionAlloc everywhere.

In a blog post, the tech giant said the number one browser is now better at using memory. ” Chrome now reclaims up to 100MiB per tab, which is more than 20% on some popular sites, by discarding memory that the foreground tab is not actively using, such as big images you’ve scrolled off-screen.”

Chrome will also use less memory on background tabs in macOS. Google said you Mac users can see up to an 8% memory savings and up to a 65% savings in the amount of power used.

Users of Chrome mobile on Android will see:

  • fewer crashes due to resource exhaustion
  • a 5% improvement in memory usage
  • 7.5% faster startup times
  • 2% faster page loads

Chrome usually installs updates automatically when the browser is restarted. To check if you have the latest version, click the three-dot menu icon at the top-right of the browser and click on Help in the drop-down menu.

Select About Google Chrome.

You can view what version of Google Chrome you’re running and if you need updates. The memory improvements in this article started with version 89.

Have you noticed an improvement in Chrome? Let us know in the comments.

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