Library Extension – the coolest book app ever!

Here’s a great little app that you can add to Chrome, Edge, or Firefox browser. It lets you know if a book you’re checking out online is available at your local library.

Start by clicking this link:

When the Library Extension page opens, you can choose either the Chrome, Edge, or Firefox option, depending on which browser you’re using.

You’ll be taken to the extension store for your browser. Just click the Add button install.


Once it’s installed, you’ll see a book icon at the top of your browser. Click to open.


Here’s what you’ll see.


Select your Country, State (or province or region, depending on the country), and then choose your local library from a drop-down list. Then click add.


For my library, I see both physical and digital catalogs. There’s also an option to add the catalog for the Hoopla app, which I highly recommend if your library participates.


Then head to a website like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Google Books, or Goodreads to browse books.  Library Extension currently works with 25 different sites that offer books for sale. When you look at a book on any of these sites, Library Extension will show you if your library has copies available. You’ll see results for physical, audio, and eBooks.


If you’re set up to reserve or borrow books online, you can just click the Borrow button. You’ll be taken straight to the page to request the book from your library. What a great time-saver!


2 thoughts on “Library Extension – the coolest book app ever!

  1. Hi Cyn –

    After downloading the Library extension, having seen it in yesterday’s newsletter, I was anxiously awaiting today’s e-mails from Bookbub and Earlybird books in order to try it out. I must have done something wrong, because when I open it, nothing happens until I click on it, then I get a login request When I downloaded the app I saw no field to enter a username or password. I checked back on your article and see nothing which I might have done differently. The app tells me it is up to date. How do I find the step I must have missed in order to make it operative? I hope your crystal ball is working.

    Courteously and sincerely,

    Fred Brenner

  2. Hi, Cyn –

    Please disregard the above as when I opened Earlybird books today and clicked an a particular book, there appeared a box labeled Library Extension saying that the book was not available in BCCLS (Bergen County Community Library Service – my local library group association.) Wow! I cannot remember the last time I was so impressed. MAGIC!!! The app is the greatest and you are to be revered for bringing it to your faithful readers. Thank you so much!

    Cordially and sincerely,

    Fred Brenner

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