Welcome to the website of artist Christian Faur.  I’m not sure where I ran across his artwork this summer, but I’m sure glad I did. It must have been over some social media platform.

When you arrive at the site, ignore everything, click A Selection from the top menu, and select Crayon Works from the drop-down menu.

I’m bringing you here to see the crayon pixel art. These incredible works of art are all made by standing crayons up in a tray. Each crayon creates a pixel!

Hover over the thumbnails for a brief description of each piece.

Click on the image for a better look at the work. There’s also an image gallery showing where the piece is displayed and photos detailing the creation process.

I also really love the Paper section. If you want a taste of what it has to offer click into Paper. There’s a blurb that describes how the piece was constructed and then links to different views of the piece.

You can also check out the Fused Encaustics, Color Alphabet, Mathematicians, and experimental materials.

Go check out this nifty art today!