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A reader has a question about using the free online Microsoft Office apps:

“Saving to the cloud isn’t my fave option.  If I also save to my desktop, is it possible to delete everything from the cloud?  Is there an option to bypass the cloud?”

Well, you can’t use online office apps and bypass the cloud since they’re actually in the cloud and you’ll be working in the cloud. However, once you save a document, spreadsheet, or presentation to your OneDrive, you can download it to your PC, Mac, or mobile device.

Select the file in your OneDrive and right-click. Then choose Download from the menu.

The file will download to your Downloads folder. If you choose to download multiple files, they’ll be in a ZIP folder. You can then choose to delete the files from the cloud. If you want to edit the documents, you’ll have to upload them to the cloud. To add to OneDrive, just drag and drop in File Explorer.

Or click the Upload icon in the OneDrive web interface.

Personally, I like the security of knowing I have copies of my files stored in the cloud in case something happens to my computer.

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