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elderly happy woman making video call online on modern tablet

A reader wants to know more about tablets:

“All these years you have done such a wonderful job with the computers. But some of us seniors at this time had switched to a tablet is there any way that a new program or someone else could start a program like yours only with tablets. Just asking, sweetie.”

I don’t think you need a new program. We cover tablets and smartphones quite a bit, though I’d be glad to add more articles. Most of our articles are written in response to questions from readers, which is why I always ask you guys to tell me if you have any questions or suggestions.

Keep in mind that most articles about smartphone apps and features also apply to tablets. Both use the same mobile operating systems. iPhones and iPads use iOS and most other tablets and smartphones use Android. Tablets and smartphones are virtually identical with the exception of the sim card that allows you to make phone calls.

Tablet sales have declined as smartphone sales soared. Many folks find the larger-screened smartphones to be an adequate substitute for a tablet or even a PC or Mac.

I’m going to do what I usually do and ask my readers to tell me what kind of tablet tips they’d like to read and what types of tablet problems they need solutions for.

Hit me up in the comments.

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