Prioritize Print Jobs

Yesterday, we broke down the basics of the printer queue and learned how to pause or cancel print jobs. Today, I’ll show you a nifty trick that allows you to prioritize print jobs. (click here to read Print Queue 101.)

This can come in handy when you have several things to print or multiple people use the same printer. Start by opening the printer queue, either by clicking on the printer icon in your system tray or opening Printers and Scanners in Settings, clicking on your printer, and choosing Open queue.

Find the document you wish to prioritize in the queue and right-click on it.

Choose Properties from the drop-down menu.

This window will open.

You can see the priority of this document is set at Lowest.

Click on the slider bar and move it to Highest to ensure it prints first.

You can also schedule documents to only print during certain times. This could be handy if a lot of folks use your printer. If it’s really too late to be making noise with a printer, you can set the time for later on.

Make sure to hit Apply before closing the window.

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