Driftwood Dragon Sculptures

One of my favorite memories as a kids is of going to the beach with my family. My dad would help us look for seashells, explain to us what kind they were, and help us fashion sand castle foundations out of driftwood. When I saw this gallery my mind was whisked back to those times.

Here you’ll find an amazing gallery of photographs that feature James Doran Webb’s driftwood creations. Like all the Bored Panda galleries I’ve shared, you’ll find an information blurb at the top that explains the feature, and then scroll down for the amazing pictures.

I just can’t believe the incredible things that Webb creates out of driftwood. I love the dragons! They’re incredible! The detail is just amazing, but I’m absolutely blown away by the rabbits in the Other Animals section.

So, you like what you see and want to check out more? Then head on over to Webb’s website which you can find here. There you can learn more about the artist, including a video interview with him, and his latest work and exhibits.



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