Roku/YouTube Dispute

If you thought the streaming world was safe from carriage disputes, think again. Carriage disputes happen when TV stations or cable networks get into disagreements with cable or satellite providers. This sometimes results in local channels or cable networks getting removed from your carrier.

You’ve no doubt seen the commercials each side runs blaming the other for being unreasonable. Many thought streaming was a way to avoid all that. Not so much. YouTubeTV and Roku hit an impasse in negotiations. If you aren’t familiar with Roku, it’s a streaming device that allows you to download streaming apps to view on your TV.

Roku went so far as to pull the app from the app store for the device. Roku has previously rumbled with HBO Max and the Peacock streaming service. Each side, of course, blames the other.

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to have more than one streaming device and you can always watch YouTube TV on your phone, computer, or tablet if you use Roku. But it is a reminder that as streaming becomes more popular, you’ll see a lot of the same issues consumers experienced with cable and satellite programming, including increased costs and provider wars.

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