Here’s a nifty shortcut for accessing the hidden start menu in Windows 10. Go to the start button and right-click.

You’ll get access to a hidden menu where you can instantly access things like Control Panel, Device Manager, Command Prompt, and more.

Let’s go over them. We’ll start with Apps and features.

Click on it and you’ll open Apps and Features in Settings. From here you can view all installed programs and uninstall programs. Power options lets you shut down, restart, or hibernate.

Event Viewer takes you on a deep dive into what’s happening in your PC. System takes you into your Settings for

Device manager allows you to control peripherals and connected devices. Network connections controls your WiFi and wired connections. Disk Management is where you control disk partitioning and more.

From Computer Management you can automate tasks and perform other disk tasks. Powershell allows you to run various commands.

You can also quickly access Task Manager, Settings, File Explorer, Search, and Run options.