Why Can’t I Move Photos?

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A reader is having issues moving images from her phone to her PC.

“Cyn, all of a sudden I’m unable to move a picture I’ve taken from my phone to my computer! What’s happened? I need to do this in order to reduce the size of the picture for further sending or just storing.

I’m using a Samsung 7 phone, Chrome browser, Gmail account. I used to be able to do this so easily by clicking opening the phone’s Gallery, clicking on the photo, Share, entering my email address, then Send. We have WiFi and it’s working just fine. Am I going to have to get Bluetooth now? How do I go about doing that and how does one send using it?”

When you tap the share button, you should get the option to choose an email program like Gmail app. If you don’t see it, it’s possible that either your gallery app or your mail app requires an update. You can head to the Play Store and check under My apps for updates.


Or open up your Gmail app, create a message to yourself and hit the attach icon. Select the photos from your gallery.

Another option is just to plug your phone into your computer using the charging cord. It should show up like an external drive. You’ll find photos on a Samsung under the DCIM folder under Camera or on your memory card, if you have one.

My favorite way to quickly send photos is to send them to myself in Facebook Messenger. I add them to a message in the app and then open Facebook in a browser. I just open the image from the message and right-click to save to my computer.

If your photos are set to automatically save to Google Photos, you can just open it up in a browser on your PC and download the photo you wish to edit.

Or consider the Windows Phone App. It automatically syncs the photos on your Phone with your PC. Just drag and drop to edit.

As for Bluetooth, your phone already has built-in Bluetooth, and there’s a good chance your computer does as well. Just make sure it’s turned on for both items and choose the Bluetooth symbol from the options when you tap share.

It will automatically search for other Bluetooth capable devices.

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