Fake Security Extension Scam

scam alert letting text on black background

I came across an attempt to trick me into downloading malware onto my computer recently. I was attempting to get to a website I’ve accessed before but this popped up. It claimed I needed to run a check to see if the site was compatible to my browser and attempted to get me to click a big blue button to continue.

I did not click that button, but I got this screen anyway. It claimed I was in the middle of some kind of standard security check and just need to complete 3 easy steps.

Then up came the notice that I needed to the Secured Search extension to Chrome which would give me safer searching and change my default search provider. This is classic browser hijacking and a pain in the butt to remove if you fall for it.

The only way to truly escape is to press Ctrl+Alt+Del and shut down the browser in your task manager.

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