Pop Up Tech Support Scam

I ran across a tech support scam the other day. I was attempting to visit a useful website I’ve used in the past, but appears that site is no longer up and running. Instead, I got this screen. Pop-up and pop-up after pop-up just kept popping on up.

There was an alleged Microsoft Defender warning, a Windows Firewall Protection alert, and more. There was also a booming voice warning me that If I attempted to close any of the windows, my computer would be locked. The site displayed a tech support number that I needed to call immediately to save my computer. Any attempt to close out of any of these windows or leave the page brought another dire warning.

Since this is difficult to close out of, it does make it appear that your computer is locked. It is not. They’ve simply overloaded the web page you’re on with lots of pop-ups that don’t give any clear indication of how to close the site. You haven’t been infected, your PC is not locked. Pop-up windows that insist you must call tech support ASAP are always scams. ALWAYS> You just need to shut down your browser.

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to bring up your task manager. Choose your browser and then hit End task to close it. Problem solved

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