The Colour Clock

This site is pointless, yet mesmerizing at the same time. I find myself strangely addicted to checking it out.

What it does is matches a HEX code to what your exact time is right now based on the 24 hour clock.  A hex codes are the hexadecimal numbers used on web pages to set color.

When you arrive at the site, it will display your local time and the background will be the matching HEX code color.

Why is it mesmerizing? Because you can pull it up and watch the color subtly shift as time passes.

I find I pull it up and leave it in the background while I’m working, and then I’m super excited to flip back to it and check what color it is.

Just in the time it took to write this article the color shifted from charcoal to navy blue. You will get the insecure notice when


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