This site brings an amazing assortment of live wildlife cams from around the world.

I found this site through a link to the  Brown Bears at Brooks River in Katmai National Park.  It’s awesome to watch them frolic in the river and catch salmon.  I find this feed fun to watch even the bears aren’t on camera because you can watch the Sockeye Salmon jump.

Beneath the main video you’ll find more cams for the location, be sure to check them out if you don’t see any bears on the main stream.  If you scroll down past the video options you’ll find a brief explanatory blurb about the cam you’re watching as well as facts and photos.

When you arrive at the site you’ll load into one of the cams randomly, see the display at the top of the page for the season’s featured cams (the bears, puffins, and walrus) and give you a selection of other cams you can watch below the live stream feed.

Since finding it one of my favorite cams to watch is Happiness Village Pandas from China where you can watch pandas. I’ve had excellent luck watching the pandas around 8 pm EST on the cam.



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