Why I Say No To USTVGO

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I love to share free streaming service with you but there are some I cannot recommend. A reader commented about this one:

“I cut the cord when I first noticed USTVGO. I use Protonvpn, and hit connect/random. I see what’s on tv in my area with TVPASSPORT. Can’t have everything, but what I have is free. There is a problem with Nordvpn nonbuyers with Ustvgo being locked out of most tv channels, but I found out (serendipidity-wise) kind of a trick. I live in Tampa. I can put another vpn on Orlando (about 80 miles away), and no-nord vpn doesn’t bother with me using USTVGO , because it acts like I am using NORDvpn.”

I absolutely would not suggest going this route. This company offers up channels that are part of paid cable, satellite, or streaming services. Among them, Turner Classic Movies, BBC America, Cinemax, Hallmark, and mroe.

If you stream them without paying for them, you’re stealing. It’s no different than someone pirating one of my eBooks from Amazon and giving them away for free.

I worked for many years in the TV industry. The individuals who create those programs are made from the money networks earn by selling them to streaming and cable services. I absolutely do not condone stealing other people’s work. Especially, when there is almost an endless supply of legitimately free programming out there.

Ethics aside, I’m not comfortable giving any information to or accessing a service that I know doesn’t care about the law and doesn’t hesitate to steal other people’s work. Why wouldn’t they do something shady with my device or information? And if any of these companies manage to trace using the these services back to you, you could be charged with thefts, much in the same way that cable and satellite providers sometimes prosecute for theft.

If you want to take that risk, I certainly can’t stop you. But the only free services I endorse are ones where the content provider intends to give their product away.

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